Friday, 18 April 2014

AIR: Standard Edition (2005) English Patch Release

You can download the patch here. You’ll find a walkthrough included in the game directory once installed.

Error Report Thread (Please read first post):

Translation: Edger (Dream: Common Route), Sheeta (Dream: Character routes and Air), Ixrec (Summer)
Translation Check: Ixrec
Tools: Haeleth (rldev)
Tech Support: Erengy
Editing: Ixrec, Sheeta
Image Editing: [RoXaS], Vodka
QCing: Erengy, TerraChronicle, Yirba
Special Thanks: Aozaki

This patch is for the 2005 Standard Edition (18+). Make sure you're in Japanese locale before starting. Install your copy of the game, then download the patch. Double click the exe, and let the installer do its thing. AIR will now be in English. Enjoy!

(Please make sure you’re installing the patch over a clean install of the game. You may encounter bugs otherwise.)

===Voice Patch Installation===
1) First, download file extraction software if you don't already have one. I recommend 7zip.
2) Next, download all the files in this mediafile folder: You may need a mediafire account to access it. If the links are dead, please check our website for a more recent set.
3) Once all three rars are downloaded, right click the file labelled 'part1' and extract. This will extract from all three parts and merge them together. You don't need to use hj split or anything.
4) Find the file labelled 'KOE' in the files you just extracted. Move that folder (and just that folder, with the contents inside. Not just the contents, or any other folder called anything else) into your game directory.
5) Our patch does the rest. You should have voices now! If you ever want to remove them, just rename the KOE folder.


Saturday, 7 September 2013

September Update

Kano’s route is 100% translated! I’ll be taking a few days to go over Ixrec’s translation checks, then finally MISUZU YES!

And now for something fun! Since my blog comments have been so active, and I’m so bad at staying up to date with them, we’ve decided to put a Winter Confetti sub forum on the Amaterasu forums and move the comment discussion there. That way you can all talk to each other a bit easier, I can keep up to date, and I can ban people by IP address other staff members can help you out if you have a question. Anon commenting is turned on, so you don’t need an account to post in there, though there are some rules, so make sure you read them before posting.

(This does mean, ofc, that if you’ve been banned on the Amaterasu forum, you can’t comment. But we only ban trolls and spam bots, so if you’ve been banned by accident, just PM me on IRC (Sheeta on Rizon) and I’ll unban your IP address).
Happy commenting, and without further ado: 

Sunday, 4 August 2013

August Update

Once again, thank you everyone for all the supportive comments you left in the last post. As promised, Minagi’s route is now 100% translated! I’ll be doing Kano’s route after taking a few days off. This has been quite a week…

Also, me and Aozaki/QuizMasterDelux from the other AIR group have had a chat, cleared up all our misunderstandings and are now friends, so please look forward to both our patches!

See Comyu, it isn't just a fairytale!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

A Statement Regarding AIR

Hi everyone. So as a lot of you who follow me on twitter (and many who don’t) might have heard, the other AIR group has hit 100%, and is releasing a beta patch of sorts. I was really upset when I first heard, as I think anyone would be – having more than one translation project for a VN is very rare in this community, and in the back of my mind I can’t help but wonder if anyone will bother reading my patch once theirs is out. I also feel incredibly frustrated – if I’d just tried harder, and spent even just an hour a day since January working on AIR and Yoake, they probably would’ve both been finished now. I only have myself to blame for feeling this awful.

(tl;dr bit starts here. Feel free to skip to the bottom.)

But, as many of you have kindly pointed out (and it did need pointing out, unfortunately; I don’t think straight when I’m upset), it’s not about who comes first. I’m not translating AIR because I wanted to beat that group. Heck, I wasn’t even aware of them this time last year. I’m doing this because I love AIR, and I love Key, and I really wanted to see it translated. Before I saw the AIR anime, I thought all VNs were just porn. It’s because of AIR that I’m here today, editing so many great VNs. I indirectly met my boyfriend because of it. This game means a lot to me, and I wanted all my friends irl to read it, and everyone in the VN community too. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I learnt Japanese just for AIR, but it was in the back of my mind whenever I fantasised about translating stuff, and was one of the first VNs I read in that language.

Translation isn’t easy, and hitting my daily goal of 12kb (~400 lines) this last month has been tough. A part of me whispers, every day, that I should give up. Don’t I have other, more fun things to do? When I heard about the other group yesterday, I felt like that voice was shouting at me. Most people only read VNs once, after all. I’m sure everyone will bundle that other group’s patch in all the AIR torrents, and link to them in forums. I’m sure everyone will see them first on vndb, and go to their site instead. Hundreds of tiny, nasty little thoughts filled my head, and I couldn’t help but seriously ask myself what the point was.
Well, there is a point. If we ignore all of that, all of that outside stuff, and look at what I, as a person, want to do, then the answer is obvious. I want to continue translating AIR. Even if I only get 100 downloads, or everyone talks about AIR with the other patch in mind, I still want to translate it. At the very least, it will be nice for people to have a choice of translations for once. A few might even prefer mine.
Tl;dr – AIR is still happening. The end of October is still my deadline. Let’s do this, people.
(P.S. – Sorry for the slip up on twitter about the other group leaving in machine translations. We’ll all just judge for ourselves when their beta patch comes out. Also I would personally recommend everyone who wants to use their patches (rather than mine :P) to wait for their completed version, as you’ll enjoy the VN a lot more that way.)

EDIT (12/08/13): As everything's been resolved now (see the next blog post up), this post is basically horribly outdated. I've decided to freeze the comments to prevent anymore misunderstandings. Sorry to anyone who wanted to write something.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Yoake Partial Patch Released!

Finally! The Yoake partial patch is here!
Remember that this is for the All Ages “Brighter than Dawning Blue” version, not the original 18+ version.
If you encounter any errors or typos, please report them in the error report thread:
Feel free to report any lines that look overly awkward to you as well, and any other random feedback you might have.

In other news, AIR’s translation passed 50% yesterday! Hurray!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

June Update

Big news all, hold on to your hats!

The AIR Common route is now 100% translated! (
“What does this mean!?” I hear you all cry. Why, it means I’ve finally started translating AIR myself! The stats page will now be updated regularly (i.e. whenever I finish a file), and I’ll be tweaking this blog to give it a project page and whatnot later in the week. I’m doing Minagi’s route next, and in an ideal world I’ll release a partial after all of Dream is translated. Here’s hoping everything goes well! My health’s been in good shape recently, and I’ve now finished university forever, so until October I should be free to work on it every day. (Though I hope to finish before October, ideally. Ideally…)
As for Yoake: we’re currently waiting on Erengy’s image edits and a few technical issues before we can release the long awaited partial patch. Apologies again to everyone who’s been waiting for it all this time - hopefully things will cool down in Erengy’s life and he will have the time to make the final adjustments.
Oh, and one last thing Winter Confetti unrelated – a while ago I stepped down from editing Comyu, because I wasn’t enjoying the game as much as I hoped. I forget to mention it in public though, so whoops… Not that it matters hugely; Ixrec’s raw translation’s pretty good already, so you guys will probably not notice anything (hopefully). Our other editor, TerraChronicle, will be working on it instead. I figured I should mention it because it’s freed up a lot of time for me, and is one of the reasons why I’m starting the AIR translation before Yoake’s finished.
Thanks for sticking with me all this time, everyone. Now let’s get started!

Monday, 1 April 2013

April Update

That’s right folks, it’s time for another exciting bimonthly announcement, this time in conjunction with the Enid Blyton Society! For those unlucky few who don’t know, Enid Blyton is a British children’s author from the 50s, whose delightful novels amused middle class children for generations. Many of her stories involved youngsters having adventures, accusing foreign-looking types of being smugglers, and teaching Americans how to talk properly. However, her books aren’t selling as well as they used to, and now the Enid Blyton Society has turned to visual novels to keep the spirit of Blyton alive in today’s youth.

So it is with great pleasure that I unveil to you: AIR –The Enid Blyton Edition-! Now you too can enjoy the Japanese characters and setting you love, with the retro language you or your distant British cousins grew up with. Here are some screenshots to whet your appetite!

Of course, we understand that not everyone will be happy with this new, vintage interpretation of KEY’s classic VN. So we’ll be producing a second version just for all you Americans out there: AIR –The ‘Murrica Edition-!

Look forward to it sometime in 2014!